M, W, & F @ Florida Fencing Academy

Lunch Time

11:45 am-12:45 pm

Wed. Parent/Child Class- The Octopod Squad

5:00-5:45 p.m.

Sat. @ the 4th Ave. Food Park OR The Florida Fencing Academy (Weather depending)

10:30-noonish (Extra Credit is now offered during the last bit of class & includes deeper work & optional sparring... likely followed by the group getting lunch afterward).


Florida Fencing Academy

1925 NW 2nd St.

Gainesville, FL 32609

4th Ave. Food Park

409 SW 4th Ave.              Gainesville, FL 32601

Phone: (352) 284-5591
Email: nicolenstern@gmail.com

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Monday, Wednesday, & Friday:
11:45 am- 12:45 pm
Lunch Time @ The Florida Fencing Academy (1925 NW 2nd St.)
10:30- Noon @ The 4th Ave Food Park (409 SW 4th Ave.)
​​Extra Credit available after class at no cost involving deeper work & optional sparring for those ready to test their skills. Students can opt to get lunch together after class, at one of the delicious lunch spots next door.
* No wraps/gloves needed.... bare knuckle work... trimmed nails please.
* Shin guards provided. 
THE OCTOPOD SQUAD (6 years & up w/ a parent or two):
Wednesdays: 5:00-5:45 pm  Time for you & your mini/s (6 & up) will practice a variety of fun & effective martial arts skills for use in the real world via varied movement games, hand pads, & shields in a safe, enjoyable environment. Please DM Nicole about reserving your spot at this special weekly event, as space is limited. First class $5 per person & then punch cards are available. Please visit the site gvillemartialarts.com/classes for more. Card carrying members recieve a unique patch for their gear or clothing along w/ their real world skills that can build confidence & regulatory skills as well as increase attention & focus due to the bilateral nature of the movement. Many report reduced fear & other unexpected bonuses such as better, more empowered dreams. Check it out & see for yourself how this time and practice helps you.



See for yourself why individualized movement arts such as kickboxing, dance, circus arts, & Systema, when approached as a playful art are best for long-term health, strength, & readiness to act in an emergency. Develop a personal skill set while learning your body's ranges of motion & full potential. Practice leading with your breath (to access the vagus nerve- https://www.thecut.com/2019/05/i-now-suspect-the-vagus-nerve-is-the-key-to-well-being.html) to free your mind and body to do more of what you choose. Increase awareness and achieve ultimate outcomes in just about any situation.  You will have increased strength and flexibility to win at the game of life with trained educator, mental health professional passionate about personal empowerment, and daughter of a former police officer invested in meeting the needs of the individual, Nicole Nicolaisen Stern, LMHC, NCC, MA EdS.                                                     


Work the foundations of American-style kickboxing with Eastern, Western, ancient, and modern influences... no wraps, no gloves. Whether you train once a week or up to four, your body, mind, and spirit will appreciate the attention to detail, making you more capable of handling the challenges of life with ease, leading to freedom of fear, worry, and stress.


This freedom may even seep into to your subconscious to help the quality of your dreams & sleep as well as other areas of your life leading to a deep sense of confidence and well-being, as reported by students.


All levels and movement disciplines welcome.



Punch cards may be used at either location  (Florida Fencing Academy or the 4th Ave. Food Park) between one and 4x/week.


1st regular adult class:    $10

4  class punch card:           $50- Valid for 1 month 


8  class punch card:           $80- Valid for 2 months

1 month of classes for 1 child & parent only $75... nuclear family members may be added for an additional $24 each. Extended family is welcome to attend with their caregivers and may purchase separate memberships. 


Walk-ins:                    $15/class


Payment in cash (preferred), Google Pay nicolenstern@gmail.com, or click the button below to send payment via the PayPal "Friends & Family" option @ paypal.me/NicoleNStern 





*Note: Members will receive their own Exclusive Morale Patch featured below for their gear. More patches available for $5 .




















1) Trimmed Nails

2) Water

3) Yoga Mat (at the Academy)  &

     Large towel/blanket (for Saturday Park class)

4) Optional: Foam Roller or a 12 lb soft leather medicine ball for stretching, self massage, & striking practice. 

* All shields & pads are provided.

* Please let Nicole know of any health issues/injuries/special needs. 

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